Congratulations! You’ve found the moan-inducing and oh-so-elusive G-spot. Some women quite literally spend their entire lives in search of a genuine G-climax, and all that reaching and stretching and curving your toy at juuuust the right angle has finally paid off. So now what do you do to stimulate the G-spot (besides coming like a Queen)?

*This article on G-Spot stimulation is a follow up to Where is my G-Spot? Read All About It.

Your inner G is more than a one-trick pony. Now that you know where to hit the spot, we’ll show you how. We’ve cooked up all sorts of little tricks, tips and toys to stimulate the G-spot with and without a partner. On your mark, get set, ecstasy!

Set the mood You’ve read all the sex articles, done your due masturbatory diligence, and now it’s finally time to reap the orgasmic rewards in style. As you might have learned during all those pleasure sessions, your G-spot works best when primed for penetration. Foreplay is fantastic, but there’s so much more you can do to stimulate your sexiest organ – wait for it - the brain (What did you think we were going to say? *wink*).

Tip to stimulate the G-spot #1: Create a romantic scene

The next time you’re ready to get down, go all-out and turn your bedroom (or wherever your imagination takes you) into a sensual pleasure palace. (You might need to make a run to Bed Bath & Beyond. Don’t worry, we’ll be waiting when you get back.) Picture one of those classic romantic sex scenes from a movie: a room dimly lit by candles, black or red sheets tousled on the bed, tons of cozy pillows strewn about, and see-thru drapery outlining the room. If you’re not up for a ton of interior decorating, just grab some colorful scented candles, a few tea lights to line your dresser and nightstand, and some musky incense sticks. Light up those candles, turn off the lights and boom! Instant sex ambiance!

Tip to stimulate the G-spot #2: Start with gentle caresses

Now that your humble abode is sex-ified, it’s time to get to the good stuff. Oh yeah, we’re talking yummy foreplay, baby! Whether you’re flying solo or coupled up, your G-spot needs a slippery slide for an orgasmic splashdown. Work all your best angles outside your body to get the juices flowing inside. Touch your breasts; brush your hands over your nipples; tease your clit with some tapping and rubbing. Some of us love gentle caressing and kisses all over our bodies; others like to get a big ruffed up – or maybe you’re down for both. Find what kind of foreplay works for you and rock it! Go solo

Tip to stimulate the G-spot #3: Use only hands and fingers

If you’re going for G-explosions of the solo variety, some of your best tools and toys are already attached to your body. If you’re used to warming up or climaxing with a vibrator, using only your hands and fingers is a fun switch, and it even teaches your body to orgasm more easily from multiple kinds of stimulation. Start by putting a finger or two inside your vagina and experimenting with different kinds of pressure and stimulation to the G-spot. Try curving your finger to meet your front vaginal wall or tapping and swirling a finger pad or two around the G-spot. Keep changing it up until you find a mind-melting technique that is just begging to finish you off.

Tip to stimulate the G-spot #4: Apply tools

You might think wand massagers are just for external play and clit orgasms, but we at ThrustingToy are working to change all that with a little help from our silicone friends, aka attachment coversIf you need a little extra help pinpointing your G-spot, go with the Curve Attachment Cover, which best matches the curve of your vagina’s front wall where your magic spot is found. The Ripple also works great, as the bumps massage your G-spot as you move it in and out. Don’t go for the gold right off the bat. Set the ThrustingToy to low and play around with the insertable attachments. Slide them inside you, brush them against your special spot, and then pull them back out again to graze your clitoris. As you grow more aroused, pump up the vibrations or switch to one ThrustingToy’s 20 pattern settings.

If you finish too fast, remember the bliss of being a vagina owner – your refractory period is super short, and you can come again and again in completely different ways within minutes.


Partner up

Tip to stimulate the G-spot #5: Ride'em

If you’ve got a partner, you can ride them into the sunset with awesome positions to stimulate the G-spot. Whether your partner has a penis or wears a strap-on dildo, take advantage of that upward curve in their skin or silicone member, which targets the G-spot’s location about 3 inches into your vagina, right where your front wall feels round and puffy. 

Tip to stimulate the G-spot #6: Go Doggy

Doggy style is an old favorite that’s also an A-plus move for direct G-spot stimulation. When you’re getting’ it from the back, your partner’s phallus or fingers are poised to slide right up against your secret spot as they move back and forth. Try angling your body in different ways to hit your G by starting on all fours and then lowering your chest all the way to the bed while arching your back and pushing your pelvis toward your partner’s movements.

Tip to stimulate the G-spot #7: Experiment with angles

If you’re more of a control freak, climb on top and use your legs and arms to change the depth and angle of penetration. There’s a lot more to the on-top position that you’d think! You can face your partner for tender kisses or straddle them backwards for a gorgeous view of that booty. You can also place your hands on the bed and lean forward or backward to stimulate all the walls of the vagina.

For an incredible blended orgasm - which combines both clitoral and G-spot sensations – hump your babe from the front, but instead of the usual up-and-down, grind your clitoris against their pelvis. Their member will still move around inside of you, but in a backward-and-forward motion that stimulates the G-spot intensely and creates some yummy sensations for your A-spot.

Whatever route you take, just remember there’s no right or wrong way to climax. Enjoy the fun of discovering your body. Because after all, the journey is the reward.