Your sex-positive pals at ThrustingToy know that your clitoris is made of magic – but just in case you didn't, we're here to wave a big, red, glittery flag in the proclamation of the awesomeness of this superbly body part. As the only human organ whose sole purpose is pleasure, clitoral stimulation is of utmost importance to creating a great sex life, whether solo or partnered.

The better you understand your clitoris, the more orgasms you're capable of having, and that's enough to convince us of the benefits of sitting through an anatomy lesson or two. If you're an avid reader of the ThrustingToy Pleasure Guides, you'll know this is far from our first rodeo with the ultimate orgasmic organ – the clitoris. Read on to get the (literal) inside scoop on how your clit actually works, and how to tickle this mighty hot zone with our total guide to clitoral stimulation.

Tip of the Iceberg — Clitoral Anatomy for Beginners

There's so much more to the clitoris than meets the eye – literally! Your clit is like an iceberg. When you peek beneath the surface, you'll find a surprisingly large and complex structure that connects to the tiny little tip that you can see when you pull back the clitoral hood or become aroused. The external part of your clitoris, called the glans, is the tail end of an upside-down, v-shape structure that includes the corpora cavernosacruraand the clitoral vestibulesWhen you're turned on, this entire area of erectile tissue swells with blood and gets in on the action of climax when you orgasm. And get ready for this surprise from Mother Nature! Your clit as a whole bears more resemblance to a penis than you ever thought possible, especially when compared during the fetal stage of life. You're essentially carrying around a mini-penis inside your pelvis, and yours is all the more magical because – just like you, amazing lady – it's what on the inside that counts. The glans or tip of the clitoris is the easiest to stimulate because – well – it's sitting right there on top of your pubic bone, but you can also stimulate the larger structure of your clit with an internal vibe, penetration by a partner, or with super-strong vibrations that reach deep into the muscles. What many women recognize as the key to a "vaginal orgasm" or G-spot climax is actually just a spongy-feeling portion of the CVU about 1/3rd of the way into your vagina.

How to Press That Love Button with the Best of 'Em

Now that you're school on sexual anatomy, here comes the fun stuff – the hands-on research!  There are more clitoral simulation techniques than we can count on our fingers and toes, but here are a few of our favorites that excel at getting the job done (and then some!).


Get Handsy – Solo or with a Partner

Get acquainted with your clit using a gentle touch, and only add more pressure when it really feels good. Some clitorises like direct stimulation, while others prefer indirect movements around the glans. Using two fingers, start by making small, circular movements over the clitoral hood and labia. Gently tug on the hood and move the folds of skin around the clit, or add lubricant for more glide if this feels a bit too rough. Remember, no two clitorises are alike, and what you enjoy may differ from what you hear someone else likes. Swirl your fingers in a circle, from side-to-side, and up-and-down to find which motion tingles your spine. Use the two pads of your fingers and then switch to the stroking with the entire length of your index and middle fingers.

Clitoral Stimulation for Sensitive Clits

If your clit is extra sensitive, spread your two fingers in a v-shape and run them along the sides of your clitoris and hood. There are loads of nerve endings along the edges of your clitoral glans that feel just as amazing to rub. Once you've perfected your finger motions, amount of lube, and pressure, you can teach this to a partner by leading their hand to your nether regions and placing your hand on top of theirs. Guide their fingers with your own and let them know exactly what feels good and what doesn't. In no time, they'll be getting you off all on their own!

Clitoral Stimulation with ThrustingToy

Allow us this humblebrag but if you ask any ThrustingToy devotee, they'll tell you this magical vibrating massager is a clitoris' best friend. The vibrations start out soft enough for sensitive clits and easily move up to maximum strength for ladies who need extra 'oomph'.  

Drop a little lube on the end of your Massager and start the vibrations on the lowest setting. Move the massager head around your clitoris using our suggested finger motions – up-and-down, side-to-side, in a circle – and slowly amp up the vibrations (or not!) as your clitoris begs for more. When you've got the hang of ThrustingToy life, tease your clit with the massager's 20 distinct vibration patterns. These rumbly, pre-set patterns act like effortless foreplay, warming you up for the Big O with escalating vibrations that dance and twirl around your babe button. Take those tingles to the next level with ThrustingToy's Droplet or Spiral texture covers. These soft, squishy silicone covers are crafted to make your clitoris sing, and trust us, you'll definitely want to bust out the (water-based) lube for these babies. Move a well-lubricated wand cover around your clitoris and labia – even without the vibrations turned on – for a taste of what texture can bring to your play.

Dual Stimulation – Clitoral & Vaginal/ Anal

The clitoris makes an excellent partner-in-crime for all sorts of sexy activities. You can sync up clitoral stimulation with vaginal or anal penetration for a blended orgasm, which will have you climaxing from inside and out. Stimulating your clitoris during anal or vaginal penetration increases the pleasure of those in-and-out motions tenfold, and results in an explosive orgasm – called a blended orgasm – that seems to emanate from your entire pelvic region. Clitoral stimulation can also help relax your b-hole or vagina if you normally tense up before sex or don't usually enjoy penetration as much as external pleasure. Grab a dildo or a flared-base anal toy and your fingers or a ThrustingToy Massager. Lube up your toy of choice and gently insert it into your bum or vagina while vibrating or rubbing your clitoris. Don't worry about going deep right away. Let the toy linger near the entrance to your butt or vagina, where some of the most sensitive nerve endings reside. Swirl your ThrustingToy or fingers over your lubed-up clitoris while bobbing the penetrative toy in and out. When you're close to climax, speed up or slow down your combined swirling and thrusting motions to your body's content, and you'll feel your vagina or bum hole start to contract as the blended orgasm sends waves of ecstasy through your genitals.

Sex-sational Positions for Clitoral Stimulation

You can even target the clitoris during penetrative sex with specially-posed positions that bring your clit closer to your partner and their penis or strap-on toy.  

Woman-on-top is our personal fave for clitoral stimulation. You control all the motions, and your pelvis is in a prime position to rub and grind your clit against your partner's pubic bone. As you thrust on top of your partner, tilt your pelvis downward and move your hips in a back-and-forth motion instead of up-and-down, so your clitoris makes constant contact with their body. The forward-and-backward motion of your hips coupled with the angle of your pelvis also rubs right up against your G-spot. If you love some lusty, thrusty action from your partner, stand with your back against a wall and have them face you, entering your vagina from the front. Keep your legs together as they thrust – the slightly downward motion of their penis or strap-on will graze your clitoris with every movement, and your closed legs help guide their member over your clit and labia. Then try this same position while bending one knee and kicking your right or left leg up and out of the way, which allows your partner to thrust even deeper, pressing your clit each time their pelvis meets yours. Awesome sex suggestions aside, did you know you can actually make any position fantastic for your clit? Just add your ThrustingToy massager to the mix!

Don't Stop Believin' – in the Power of the Clitoris

So now you know – your clitoris is clearly capable of amazing things! Keep experimenting and creating sexual satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams – with your fingers, with a partner, and definitely with your ThrustingToy Massager. With a little clitoral lovin', your sex life will never be the same.