Saying that orgasms are intense pleasure peaks accompanied by uterine and pelvic floor contractions that result in feelings of satisfaction, is akin to saying thatyellow is a primary color opposite purple on the color wheel.

What are orgasms? 

These descriptions objectively give you information but do not compare to the subjective experience. Additionally, each individual will have similarities and differences in their experience of orgasms when compared to someone else. To top that off, an individual’s orgasm will vary in quality and intensity depending on the circumstances leading to that particular experience.

When it comes to orgasms, there are many fascinating likenesses between genders. It is interesting to note that both men and women report experiencing similar orgasm sensations. This makes sense due to the fact that sex organs come from the same mold, the difference being that what you see on the outside of a man develops primarily on the inside of a woman.

Another similarity is both men and women can experience multiple orgasms (those happening shortly after the first one in the same play session). Lastly, because it is believed that there is an overlap in the areas of the brain and spinal cord that control pain and orgasm, most people will show facial expressions during orgasm that looks as though they are in pain (yes, that look is normal!).

The key for sexual pleasure is to remove performance and goal orientations… Stop, slow down, and focus on the pleasurable sensations. Orgasms are not something to achieve, but to experience…and to experience, one must let go. This can be especially difficult for a woman. She must remember, that when the sensations hit peak intensity, to breath into the feelings and allow them to blissfully crescendo.

While many people enjoy getting over the edge by manual stimulation, vibration adds an element that can make orgasms happen quicker and stronger (which by the way, can make multiple orgasms easier). Just remember, there is no right or wrong way when the outcome is pleasure!

The most common types of female orgasms are Clitoral and G-Spot.

Clitoral orgasms

The most common type of female orgasm originates in the clitoris. With 8-9000 nerve endings, the sole purpose of the clitoris is pleasure. Innervated by the pudendal nerve, clitoral orgasms stimulate the uterus and a portion of the pelvic floor muscles to contract and rarely results in ejaculation. Nipple stimulation can enhance arousal and circulate oxytocin which intensifies uterine contractions and results in stronger orgasmic sensations (and this works for G-Spot orgasms, too). Incidentally, it is thought that these contractions help propel sperm to the uterus for fertilization.

The first step to experiencing clitoral orgasms is to manually explore the vulva for pleasure points on and around the glans clitoris (the part of the clitoris that sticks out on the vulva surface). When you find the spots that feel good, start with gentle stroking, increasing pressure as you become more aroused. Use ThrustingToy on the areas that felt good manually, starting with lower vibrations and increasing strength as arousal demands. Many women enjoy the wand’s vibrations right above or to the side of the clitoris, as direct stimulation may prove to be too intense. If the lowest vibration setting is too strong, you may want to place a towel between the wand and clitoral area.

G-Spot orgasms

Many women are unaware that they are already experiencing G-Spot orgasms. If you require vaginal penetration in addition to clitoral stimulation to send you over the orgasmic edge, you are experiencing G-Spot orgasms in a blended form.

The G-Spot is innervated by the pelvic nerve. This nerve stimulates more pelvic floor contractions than clitoral orgasms, thus encouraging female ejaculation. These orgasms are considered more emotive and intense, especially when they are blended.

Explore the anterior vaginal wall to find your G-Spot. Try a variety of stimulating movements, including come-hither, back and forth (like a windshield wiper), and in and out motions.


Many women also enjoy touch on the outer edges of the ureteral meatus (the head of the G-Spot). Once the G-Spot is awakened, aroused and engorged, add clitoral stimulation either manually or with the wand. ThrustingToy’s attachments can also be inserted to pleasure the G-Spot. It features an exterior bump intended for the clitoris, allowing for stimulation of the two areas simultaneously.

As the G-Spot orgasm approaches, you may feel like you have to urinate.  This is a normal sensation. You can ejaculate, if you choose, by pushing out when it begins, or you can just hang on and enjoy the blended orgasm experience without noticeable release of ejaculate.

There are many ways to find erotic pleasure. Take the time to experiment and have fun!