ThrustingToy: A Sex Toy and Body Massager

ThrustingToy is a pleasure product, and because of its design, it has multiple functions which, of course, includes pleasuring the sex organs. ThrustingToy's head, with or without the textured cover, targets the clitoral area for clitoral orgasms, and its body-safe silicone attachments deliver pleasurable G-Spot and prostate play experiences.  

ThrustingToy can also be used to massage more than just sexual hotspots. Its smooth, flexible head provides a comfortable body massage and the long handle (which is also cordless) makes it perfect for those hard to reach places. The body massage feature enhances sexual pleasure by providing a total body experience and comes in handy for pre-sex activity. This is especially important for females since many become "in the mood" after stimulation occurs and first need to relax before settling into erotic play. 

Vibrational Massage Therapy and Health Benefits

ThrustingToy does not claim to be a medical device, but the proponents of localized vibration therapy tout the health benefits associated with the use of such devices. These benefits include pain reduction, increased the range of motion and decreased stiffness, increased circulation, increase immune function, relaxation, and stress reduction.

  1. ThrustingToy Benefits: Pain and Stiffness

The use of vibrational massage is believed to increase the range of motion and decrease stiffness by relaxing tense muscles. Studies have found that the vibration stimulates molecular activity and decreases inflammation and reduces pain. Furthermore, when massagers are used for sexual pleasure, one may experience decreased pain perception as the result of chemicals released during orgasm.

  1. ThrustingToy Benefits: Circulation

Massage increases circulation and stimulates the movement of lymph and blood flow. This increased blood flow is thought to contribute to cardiovascular health.

  1. ThrustingToy Benefits: Stress Reduction

When people are stressed by daily tensions, their muscles contract. The massager's vibration goes deep beyond the skin's surface where the waves of energy stretch the muscles fibers causing the muscles to relax. This relaxation restores the body's balance by decreasing elevated cortisol levels and hormone fluctuations caused by the stress response. This balanced environment also contributes to improved immune function and sleep. Additionally, relaxation enhances sexual function when stress is the culprit interfering with an enjoyable sex life. 

When considering all of these potential benefits, ThrustingToy's multi-functionality makes it a holistic tool which can clearly enhance sex and well-being.

Vibrating Massager Safety

Vibrating massagers are fantastic pleasure tools for many people, but like any product, they are not for everyone. Personal vibrating massagers are for adult use only and can be unsafe for people with certain conditions. They are not to be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capacities, and people who are pregnant, on blood thinners, or have pacemakers, diabetes, blood clots, heart disease, and joint implants. These massagers are not to be used on the head, face, the front of neck and throat, chest, stomach or over boney body parts. Increased skin irritation can result if used on broken or compromised skin. Lastly, since intense vibration can dull sensations if used in the same spot for a prolonged period, it is not recommended to be used for more than 15 minutes at a time.  

If you experience discomfort with use, stop and consult your doctor. Additionally, consult your doctor if you are concerned that you have an additional physical condition that would be contraindicated in the use of vibrating massagers.